Double Mattresses


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The History Behind The Names:

In the 1870s, some furniture manufacturers in the U.S.A standardized the size of a double bed mattress and named it full mattress. Since then, this name got famous. They also standardized the mattress size for a single bed and likely it was a twin mattress which they decided for a single bed. Back in the 1900s, only single and double beds were known and they were as wide as the size of the human shoulder. But as the world proceed, double mattresses changed by the king-size and queen beds.

And now emperor beds are also the part of our trend and home décor. The change was due to two reasons. Firstly, the increasing BMI of modern people caused the need for bigger beds. Secondly, after World War Two, Americans became so wealthy that they started living in bigger houses with bigger rooms. And obviously, those bigger rooms demanded bigger beds. So, in case, you don’t find a double bed in a store, look for a full bed, you’ll surely find one. And today, you will the best quality and designs that will surely suit your needs.

Types of Mattresses:

Double mattress:

As mentioned above, the double mattress means a mattress for two. The double mattress fits on a double bed. Double beds are the best for folks sharing a bed. However, the king bed is also suitable for couples, but double beds can save space and money both. It is a type of mattress that comes under the heading size. There are almost six types of the mattress according to their size that includes single, double, king, queen, and emperor mattress. The largest one is the emperor mattress, and the smallest one is a single mattress. It’s perfect for every family to use for a very long time.

Small double mattress

It is a type of double mattress that is smaller than a full mattress. It measures 120 cm in width and 190 cm in length. It is smaller than a double mattress yet larger than a single mattress. It is the best choice if you have a little room but want to have a relaxing sleep with extra space. Moreover, it offers additional space for your body to stretch your legs and arms comfortably. It does not take much space in your room and adjusts well in a small room. Mostly couples living in small or medium-sized houses opt for a small double mattress. It also comes in various forms, including latex, foam, and innerspring.

Double mattress size

Double mattress or full mattress measures 135 cm or 4 feet in width and 190 cm or 6 feet in length. It is an ideal size for one person to sleep comfortably. But it is wide enough to accommodate another person too. Moreover, it is the most common size used by people around the world. This size of mattress fits well in small to medium size room. The mattress is exactly the size of a double bed. Yet double beds come in various designs, and each design varies in size. Mostly, the divan style has the same size as a mattress. But every company has their sizes which you can check before purchase.

Double mattress topper

A double mattress topper tops on the mattress to add extra comfort to your sleeping experience. It is soft enough to balance your body contours. When a mattress loses its softness as it ages, mattress toppers act like a gem. It does not restore the mattress or give back its softness, but it adds additional comfort for you. Mattress toppers are the result made with latex and foam. Besides, giving you cushioning support, they also have pressure relieving properties. They are your solution to joint pain. Doctors always recommend a mattress topper for osteoarthritis patients. As it is perfect for all those, who want to enjoy a perfect goodnight sleep.

Small double mattress topper

Small double mattress topper is the same as a double mattress topper. It is just smaller in size that it must fit on a small double mattress. It is 120 cm wide and 190 long. It also does the same job, adding extra comfort to your bed. Mattress toppers are sometimes confused with mattress pads and mattress protectors.

Moreover, these mattress pads also provide extra cushioning, but it is thinner than a mattress topper. Mattress protectors, on the other hand, are thin protective sheets that protect the mattress from staining. They further protect it from dust and allergies, and therefore it’s perfect to have for your family.

Cheap double mattress

Finding a cheap double mattress with the right qualities is a difficult task. When buying a mattress, one must see that its qualities match the price tag well. If you go for a cheap mattress with low qualities, it will end up with achy mornings. A cheap mattress that is also cheap in terms of qualities will lead to sleepless nights. However, there are still some mattresses that would make a balance between your comfort and wallet. They offer soft cushioning and pressure relief points. You can find them in foam mattresses. Latex and hybrid will again get tough on your budget. But with a variety of options, you will have different choices to get yourself a cheap mattress.

Mattress double

Mattress double is available for people who are looking for a standard size mattress. It’s the best and most demanding size in the market that is a must for every home. Either memory foam or spring or foam, it is a perfect choice. You will also see that their demand is due to its ultimate comfort and relaxation. You don’t have to worry about the extra space in your bed as you will have plenty. Either you are a couple, twins, or you want your pet to sleep with you. It could be your desired choice for a healthy living. So, always go for mattress double and get the ease of comfort.

Is a double mattress the same as a full?

Yes, double mattresses and full mattresses are the same. Both come under the same type and meaning. They have the same measurement, 54 inches (137 cm) wider and 75 inches (191 cm) long. Intact a third name used for such measurement is ’standard mattress’. It is larger than the twin mattress. Yet, it is smaller than the king-size bed or queen bed. Now this question might come in your mind that why there are two terms used for a similar thing. But you need to know that there is a story for every mystery.

What is a double mattress?

The double mattress is a mattress made for a double bed. Double means two, and it clearly defines that it is for two. It is an upgrade to a twin bed. Large enough to occupy two people that most probably is a couple. Not only this, but double beds have also become the most common type in every middle-class house. It is a standard size for two persons. 40% of college hostels have double beds in their rooms. While the others have single or twin mattresses.

Do you know in America a mattress that fits one person is known as twin mattress while in England, it is known as a single mattress? The same is the case for a double mattress. People spend 3/4th of their day in bed. It needs to be comfy and relaxing. So, the most important thing while buying a mattress should be your comfort level. It must ensure a good night’s sleep. The size of a mattress plays a huge role in this regard. Double beds make the best choice for one who finds difficult to sleep on a narrow single bed and, on the other hand, finds the king bed large enough. A double bed is in between. It also makes the best choice for a guest room or hotel room.
Moreover, one can easily find a variety of options in a double mattress. There are customized designs and ready-made as well according to the requirements of customers. And, these are the best-selling types of mattresses required by every single family. So, it’s a must that you choose your mattress wisely.

What is the difference between a double mattress and a simple mattress?

The main difference between a double and simple mattress is its size. The simple mattress is an ordinary mattress that can fit a single person. While double mattress can accommodate two persons. The other difference is you put the simple mattress on a twin bed. While the double mattress is for on a double bed.

The double mattress is also known as a full mattress, while the simple mattress is just known as a mattress. The simple mattress is commonly perfect for a kid’s room or guest rooms. You can also use it as an additional mattress in many hotel rooms. One can even place it on the floor to accommodate more guests in a single room with a low budget. In ancient times, only simple mattresses were part of people’s houses and living.

Later, double mattresses introduced and became the most common mattress all around the world. As time passed, king and queen mattress came in trend. And now, emperor mattresses are part of the modern world and home décor trends. The simple mattress is smaller in size and can fit in small rooms with less space. While double mattresses fit in a medium-sized room. Simple mattresses are cheaper than double ones, and the sheets for simple mattresses are also available at less price. Double beds are 15 inches wider than simple beds. They are somehow the same, but the purpose and dimensions of both mattresses are different. Double beds are ideal for teens, while simple beds are ideal for kids. Young adults moving out at their teenage opt for double beds.

How much does a double size mattress cost?

Double size mattress ranges between 250 dollars to 1500 dollars. There are various forms in the mattress on which the price depends. These forms are based on the material of the mattress. They include a spring mattress, foam mattress, latex mattress, and hybrid mattress. Foam mattress further includes other types, among which memory foam regarded as the best one. It can mold itself according to body needs. It also has pressure relieving properties, works best for back pain patients. The memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic too. Due to all these properties, it is a little expensive from an ordinary foam mattress.

Spring mattresses include open spring mattresses and pocket spring mattresses. Open spring mattress consists of single metal wire coiled multiple times and makes numerous springs. This type of mattress is less durable that is why pocket spring mattress exists. A pocket spring mattress is a composition from individual springs instead of a single wire coiled into numerous springs.

The latex mattress is similar to a foam mattress, but it has he’s absorbing properties to give you relaxing summer nights. It also has hypoallergenic properties. It is more firm than a foam mattress. It is costly than spring and foam mattress. The most expensive type is a hybrid mattress. It is a combination of latex and memory foam mattresses; it gathers qualities of both types in a single frame. It has a spring base and memory foam mattress on the top, which gives you a balanced experience. It is supportive yet soft to have a good night’s sleep.

How much should a good mattress cost?

It all depends on your choice and the type of mattress that includes latex, foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattress. There are mattresses for 250 dollars too and 5000 dollars too. The cost depends on its lifespan and various qualities. It goes on increasing as the quality increases. Because we all know that everything that shows quality means a good rate for it. But why do people go for it? Because it’s better to choose value than losing your investment in a good product.

Hybrid and latex mattresses have the greatest durability. Their lifespan is 8 years or longer. On the other hand, foam mattress lasts for 5-7 years while innerspring last for 6-7 years. Still, there are cheaper models, but they last for only 3-4 years. The thickness of a mattress also contributes to its durability and cost as well. A good mattress with good conforming abilities is costly. When it comes to foam mattresses, its density counts as a durability and cost factor. Low-density foam mattresses have low durability and low cost while high-density foam mattresses are firm, thicker, and have high durability.

Polyfoam mattresses are cheaper than memory foam mattresses. But here, the price factor has nothing to do with customer satisfaction. People like memory foam more despite its high cost due to the comfort it offers. It has high thickness and pressure-relieving abilities. Innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses are the most common and come in the best seller. Their price starts at 600 dollars and increases to 1000 dollars as the quality increases. Overall, a good mattress with all the topmost abilities costs 2000 dollars.


To stay healthy and happy, a good night’s sleep is vital. And that is only possible when you have a good mattress. Poor mattresses can lead to sleepless nights. A mattress should be both firm and soft at the same time. It must support your body and relieve the pressure points. It should keep your posture balanced and aligned. When you sleep with a poor sleeping posture, you end up with body ache in the morning.

So, if you wake up sore, it’s time to change your mattress. Mattresses generally last from 5-8 years but some may start being lumpy before their expected lifespan. But it’s not a matter of worry. You can simply choose the best one, and it will solve all your problems. What mattress is best for you depends on your sleeping style. If you sleep on your stomach, you need a firm mattress. The softer mattress is best for people who sleep on their side. Most of the people feel comfortable to sleep on their back. These sorts of persons need a mattress between the firm and soft, that keeps your body aligned but feels soft.

The hybrid mattress is a good choice for in-between persons. It is a combination of innerspring and foam mattresses. However, both innerspring and foam mattresses have pressure relieving qualities. If yours and your partner’s taste do not match, choose a hybrid mattress or air mattress.

Moreover, foam mattresses and latex mattresses have heat-absorbing power. They are soft enough that your body sinks in and all and absorbs the body heat. For the patients of osteoarthritis, the memory foam mattress is the best. It molds itself to support your body and relieve all the pressure points.