Are cheap double mattresses any good


The Advantages of buying a double mattress. It is quite possible to forget cleaning the double mattress on your bed except now and again when you turn it over or change it end to end. There are two different reasons for cleaning your mattress, one is that you have had an accident and spilt something on it like tea or fruit juice, etc and the other is due to the natural use of the day.

How to deal with the first problem where something has been spilt on the bed

Dealing with the first problem where something has been spilt on the bed and has seeped through to the double mattress, it is very important that it is dealt with as soon as possible. The first thing that needs to be done is to blot the spill and if it is more solid, such as vomit, then the excess needs to be removed before trying to blot up the liquid. Using a clean dry towel or paper towel you should apply as much weight as possible to the spill to absorb all the excess liquid.

How much the spill as seeped into the interior of the mattress

Depending on the construction of the mattress it will depend on how much the spill as seeped into the interior of the mattress. Once you have continued to blot out as much as you can you will then need to use a mattress cleaner. The cleaner you use and apply will depend on the liquid involved in the spill. If it is organic, such as vomit, or urine, then you will want an enzymatic The advantages of buying a double mattress and bedframe online cleaner or a solution of lemon juice and vinegar which will help to break down the peptide bonds in the protein of the spill.

If the spill was not organic then it can usually be dealt with by any ordinary upholstery spray. Be very careful about how much cleaner you apply as it could seep into the mattress just as the original spill and you would not necessarily be any better off.

How to clean a double mattress:

It is most important to make sure that your mattress is generally clean regularly. You spend up to 8 hours a night in your bed and you get hot and also lose minute pieces of dried skin. Although you have a sheet covering the mattress it does not prevent all dust etc from permeating through to the mattress. To help protect the mattress it is always advisable to change the sheets on a regular basis.

However, because a cotton sheet is porous, some dust, etc will seep through onto the mattress surface therefore when it is time to change the sheets it is always a good idea to at least brush the surface of the mattress to remove any dust, etc. This can be very important for people who suffer from any allergy, including dust mites.

Mattress protector

Another way to help keep your mattress clean is to use a mattress protector. The mattress protector fits over the entire surface of the mattress and gives another layer of protection to the mattress and can be removed and washed as easily as a pair of sheets.

Conclusion :

If you regularly check your double mattress and take simple precautions then it should give you all the support and comfort you need for a good night`s sleep.

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