How can I get my Double Mattress upstairs

How can I get my Double Mattress upstairs I decided that it was time we had a new mattress for our double bed, we have had our existing one for over 10 years and it does not seem to give the same support and comfort as when we first purchased it.

Double Mattress upstairs:

Our old double mattress upstairs was a very basic mattress made up of material filling. We have been looking on the web to find out all we can about the different types of mattresses available. There seem to be hundreds of different makes of double mattresses each and everyone with a different specification.

Pocket spring mattress

We would obviously like to have the latest type of mattress How can I get my Double Mattress upstairs and decided after a great deal of investigation to purchase a pocket spring mattress. The pocket spring mattress we chose has over 1500 pocket springs each individually attached to each other to give the correct support for each of us. As we are both different in height and weight we understood that the pocket spring mattress will give the individual support each of us needs.

We live in a countryside cottage which has a very narrow staircase and therefore we could see that there was going to be a problem with getting the new mattress up the staircase. We asked the supplier if the mattress could be folded in half but was advised that by doing this it could damage the spring interior. We also asked if they had any advice on how to get the new double mattress up a narrow staircase and they had two suggestions.

Firstly we could try and take the mattress through an upstairs bedroom window, but again, unless the window was wide enough it would still not be possible for the mattress to enter that way. The other suggestion was to purchase two single mattresses which would go up the staircase and then when they were in the bedroom they could be zipped together to form a double mattress.

Double mattress upstairs

Another way of having a double mattress upstairs with a narrow staircase is to purchase a memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress is vacuum packed when How can I get my Double Mattress upstairs it is delivered making it smaller than a normal size double mattress and then when you have it in your upstairs bedroom you can unpack it and it should return to its full size.


A memory foam mattress has the advantage in that it molds itself to the individual’s body weight and size therefore each person will have the correct support and comfort appropriate to their personal needs. When choosing a new double mattress all these factors should be taken into account so that you not only purchase the double mattress that you like but also you will be able to get it upstairs to your bedroom.

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