Best Tips on Buying a Double Mattress- complete buying guide

If you are thinking of buying a double mattress then we have included a few tips to help you decide which will be the best type of double mattress for you. A double mattress can come in two width sizes 4ft and 4’6″. The size that is most appropriate to you will largely depend on the size of the bedroom that it will be going into. It is always advisable and more convenient if there is access to both sides of the bed, this will make changing the bed linen and cleaning much easier. It is also an advantage in having bedside cabinets or tables on each side of the bed especially if there are two people sharing the bed. Tips on Buying a Double MattressĀ  When choosing a mattress width, the wider the mattress the more room each person in the bed will have.

How mattresses are made up of?

Mattresses are made up of different materials and construction, from the basic simple wool and horsehair type, pocket springs together with horsehair and wool, etc. to a filling of latex or memory foam. Each of these mattresses has a different property and feel. It is always well worth trying each type of mattress before you buy one.

Tips on Buying a Double Mattress

The basic simple wool and horsehair mattress could be an idea for a spare room or if finances are short, but they are not necessarily the most comfortable type of mattress to give a good night’s sleep. The pocket spring mattresses are made up of individual pocket springs attached together to form the base, these springs are usually covered with horsehair, wool, and other such soft material. Tips on Buying a Double Mattress The benefit of pocket spring mattresses is that they respond to the body and give support as required, without disturbing other parts of the mattress where the partner could be sleeping.

Advantages of a memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are now very popular because they mold to the shape of your body and give support to every part of your body equally there for overcoming any pressure points that may occur using other types of mattresses. There are many other advantages with memory foam mattresses especially if a person has any allergic problems, such as asthma, etc. Memory foam mattresses are also ideal if you and your partner are of different sizes and weight as the memory foam reacts to the individual’s size and therefore both people sharing the bed will have the correct support appropriate to their body.

What is the only way to find a suitable double mattress?

The only real way to know which type of double mattress is the most suitable for you is to try them out. When choosing a double mattress it is important that you include your partner in the choice as to their requirements may be slightly different to yours.


Even if you have always slept on the same type of mattress it is worth trying out different construction of mattress as you may be pleasantly surprised at the difference it will make to your sleep pattern.

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