What double mattress should I buy? : Mattress buying guide

Sizes of double mattresses:

Double mattresses come in various sizes from the smaller width size of 4 feet up to 5 ft or 6ft widths. It is always worth choosing the widest width your bedroom can accommodate as this has many advantages. What double mattress should I buy If the width is only 4ft this will mean that each partner has only 2 ft each as their portion of the bed.

This could mean that one partner could disturb the other when turning over in the bed. Most people toss and turn a number of times while sleeping and therefore this could cause disturbed sleep for the other person. A 4 ft width double mattress would be ideal for a single person What double mattress should I buy who likes to stretch themselves in bed. Having a 4 ft bed will give them much more room than the conventional 3ft single bed most commonly used.

Choosing a bed and double mattress for a bedroom

By having a wider double mattress such as 4ft 6ins or even better a 5ft double mattress will overcome the problem of disturbances quite significantly as each partner has much more room. When choosing a bed and mattress for a bedroom it is always better to purchase as wide a bed and mattress as possible depending on the size of the bedroom.

Adding a bed that is too wide could make the bedroom look very crowded. It is always better to have a bed that has access to it on both sides so that each partner can have a bedside table. It is also much easier to change the bed linen if you can have access to both sides of the bed.

When choosing a double mattress and initially a double bed you must take into account that a mattress will be used up to one-third of the day as you sleep on it. Therefore you should remember that to have a good restful night’s sleep you need a certain amount of room in the bed, especially if you have a partner so that you do not disturb your partner or they do not disturb you. It is most important to have a restful night’s sleep so that you are ready for the next day.

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