What double mattress should I buy? : Mattress buying guide

Will my Double Mattress fit into my car It is now time you have to go and buy a new double mattress or your bed, as there are hundreds to choose from and many places to buy one from. The first thing you need to do is to decide which type of double mattress you want, is it a pocket spring mattress, a memory foam mattress, just a basic mattress or a combination of any of these types of mattresses. Each of these mattresses has a different response to your sleeping andWill my Double Mattress fit into my car, therefore, it is very important that you choose the right mattress for you.

What type of mattress  you chose for your bedroom:

If you choose a mattress like a futon mattress which is made up of various materials such as horsehair, wool, and cotton, then it will be very easy to roll it up and tied with a piece of string so that it will easily fit into either the boot of the car or on the back seat. It is however very unlikely that you will choose this type of mattress for your bedroom especially if it is your main bed, as they will never give you the comfort and support that you require for only perfect night`s sleep. Therefore it is very likely that you will have to choose a mattress such as pocket spring or memory foam for the support and comfort you are looking for.

Pocket spring mattress

If you choose a pocket spring mattress you will find it very difficult to roll or even fold in half. It is also very inadvisable to try rolling it up or folding it as it could damage the internal structure of the mattress. Therefore the only way that you could transport it home would be to attach it to a roof rack on the car.

Memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress will also give you the same problems as it would be very difficult to roll up into such a size that would fit into the car. However, memory foam mattresses are to a certain extent vacuum packed so that they are slightly smaller. When you have arrived home and removed the packaging around a mattress the memory foam actress will quickly return to its size correctly. However, this is only possible if you have managed to transport the mattress home in your car.

A better way of getting your mattress home for you

There is, however, a much better way of getting your mattress home for you.¬† Will my Double Mattress fit into my car In many cases, the company you have bought your double mattress from such as www.Mattressnextday.co.uk will deliver your mattress for you and in many cases the next day. Therefore if it isn’t very urgent and you can wait at least a day or two for the mattress then this is a much better way of getting your double mattress to your home.

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